Monday, August 3, 2009

round 2

Hey there
simple things for simple minds and after 18 hours of travel time-mine was, so this coke can is really just a smudge taller than my mini laptops mouse, which for some reason just fascinated me...sleep depro..

keep going there's more

This morning Felicia and I headed out to go exchange money. The post office is supposed to be the place to do this without a surcharge....but they couldn't use my visa to do this so I had to go to a bank and use the "cash machine"...aka atm,I have no clue what I pulled out in American dollars...but it worked. we then headed off to do the bus tour of downtown and the old part so yes there is lots of new pic being added. There was one lone piper in town playing away with an open case, then I saw sign that said "full kilt outfits 500pounds" and I understood- poor chap was broke from buying his gear. I've walked so much that my back is killing me and now the knee is acting up. This weekend I'm off on a highland tour...gonna go see if I can bring Nessie back with me.
Flying in was so cool, the land looked like a patchwork quilt in varying shades of greens,browns,and a straw color that was divided by small lochs and waterways- the architecture is amazing. I got the lowdown on a place for real scottish food so thats on the agenda for next week end also. It did seem a bit strange to find pork-n-beans at breakfast, there was just way too much to choose from.from here on out we need to be movin an groovin early cuz our first lecture is at some crazy hour-like 7:30 in the morning. It was raining,looks like it's just a drizzle now- guess we planned the right time to go and get back-there's nothing like seeing the town from an open top bus...

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