Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confessions of a Rebel Child

     The book came out in December and has been doing well, I'd classify it as a chik-lit summer read full of crazy characters and situations that either require a small southern town or a soap opera to exist. The setting is before the house of mouse and has the inevitable bad guys- the cracker mafia, there's secrets galore and no taboo was left unturned. There's a sick and twisted "minister", a druggie selling ice cream, and the entitled males thinking they can do anyone because they have the tool to do so and what happens when reality smacks them in the face and grabs them by the ears.
   I wrote this one originally in a more epistolary manner, and then when I started linking them together- well, the original faded away. There are hints throughout about who Sami is seeing, but it isn't until almost the end that we find out it isn't the sexy cop she's known forever, its the 'mystery man'.
  In Ship of Fools, we find out far more of the antics they pulled off, mainly because no one ever said "no", Ship of Fools is in the works, keep an eye out.
   We were able to release Blood Dance a week early, the cover art is done on canvas board by an actual artist, the next one is going to be ultra cool. This is the story of vampires Luka and Laurine, and his sometimes lover,Shayla- the werewolf. It has lots of hot vamp sex and the only one that Laurine, but she's a stripper and its body glitter so, not the same thing. This is the first in the Realm of Night trilogy.
   Originally it was maybe eight pages and designed to be read at an event called Night of the Macabre. The community college sponsors it and its all murder,mayhem, blood, guts,gore,monsters, mayhem and twisted fears. But I kept having people ask when they were going to find out what happened next- I tend to leave them dangling...awful. I know- I hear it from a writer friend all the time.
    The next one out will be Run-in with the Devil. Shayla's story evolves and where Blood Dance is highly sexual, this one is more sensual- lots of action between the sheets and many other places but
with a story full of twists and turns and events that a reader wants to find in a book.
   It's out on for kindle and if you don't have an ereader, you can download one for free for your computer.. go grab a copy and tell me what you think.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some people should not write....

I have said before that any one can write, but I also believe that some people should never write anything more substantial than a grocery list. IF you cannot get a point across, meaning if you put something in words and people who read it are confused-you have no word control. If you can't tell a story, chances are writing it isn't going to help. Chances are- because there are people who get in front of even small groups and can't speak or they lose the ability to transfer what they see/know into oral components. This is different from simply not having the vocabulary to convey a thought.
Lately I have read some feeble attempts at "writing" a story, when in fact they are rewriting something already done on TV, not fan fic, that at least has some pseudo rules attached to it. This was a blatant re-do of an episode the way they wanted to see it. Okay, so it's writing and any writing is good writing...except for this. I am pretty sure my girls have a better vocab than what was used, when I suggested a thesaurus, they had no clue why you would use one "when it's just another dictionary."
Really?? That alone says volumes. Go back and take a look at a basic English book. Learn more than one word for things then try it again. It also helps if you have never lived any where except for the house you're in, in the town you're in, surrounded by the same people for your whole life-that you not try to write about someplace that is the polar opposite of this. Write what you know, not what you have never seen. Do your research. Know the place as well as you know your own kitchen. This too is not all inclusive. There are those creative souls who can sit and do the research, surround themselves with the essence of Morocco and write a beautiful moving piece. The exceptions are there, but generally...yeah, some people just shouldn't write.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Research is your Friend

I had to laugh, last night I'm on the phone with an editor/writer/friend of mine and she is editing a story for someone who very obviously did not do enough research. I've also had this happen. I'm reading along and then this piece will leap and nearly scream at me and I have to ask the question- did you do any research at all?? And of course the answer is usually no.

So...if you haven't done the research, or at least did a quick google of whatever it can you write about it? You lose credibility with your readers which is the first step to being a dusty cover on your own bookshelf. If you are writing sci-fi or fantasy, you do have some leeway, but you have to give the reader your world, and then stay with it. You can't go from jet-packs to driving a 57 Chevy and expect to have people stay with you. Like wise, if it's a definite period of time, make sure you check your sources, pull up old newspapers and look for the ads. I recently found one for a well known eatery that used to serve a roast beef dinner with 2 sides and a drink for 3.95. Oh to have those days back. It was also the days of bell bottom jeans and things with fringe( don't ask) if you weren't born until 1990, you may never have seen any of these images- you need to do some recon before you write.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Combat the "I can't write"

I hear it far too often, "I can't write, but I can tell a story." or the all inclusive, "I can't write." Well, if you can talk, you can write. It's words, not rocket science. You can convey a myriad of emotions and supply someone with a visual and the words are the same-'the' is the same word whether written or spoken. I subbed at a high school while a teacher was on maternity leave, and of course half the class moaned about not being able to write an essay as long as she had specified. One poor student wandered back through the door bemoaning the fact that if he didn't pass the class he couldn't play football. That same morning I had heard him talking about a fantastic play his sister had made in a softball game. There was details, and sounds, and you could almost smell the hot dogs at the concession stand and the popcorn. My advice was to find a tape recorder, recite the tale and then rewind and write. He did and he made an A. His teacher was amazed when she came back and cornered me in the hall one day wanting to know what I said that made the difference. Finally she caught on, there isn't one right way to write, there's what's right for you.
Inspiration is another grand excuse, "I'm not inspired to write." So, what you are really saying is, "I'm in a lazy mood and don't want to write." Just say that. Inspiration is everywhere, IF you allow yourself to accept it. The other day we had fog roll in over a snow packed road and it was magnificently spooky, so I sent the hubs out to shoot a few picture for me. I prowl old photo albums and now online albums, pictures are great-I wrote a story that was set in the Keys and old Bahama Islands, and all around me I had taped pictures of beaches and shells and three masted ships. I listened to beach sounds on CD...until I had a feel for where I was taking that story. Music is great inspirational material. Again, you have to decide what's right for you. One of my writer friends has this loud, obnoxious, electric chainsaw meets car wreck type of music and another cannot listen to anything with words. Mine is whatever trips my trigger on that day.
The biggest thing is to rid yourself of the word 'can't'. Life has enough roadblocks without throwing more in your way. Find the trick that works for you and write.

Friday, March 9, 2012

So many new things...

I took a bit of a sabbatical while my brother Rick was in the hospital-sadly we lost him at christmas time and I miss him more than mere words can ever convey. While I was still in school I could use the deadlines as a way to block the hurt but now...well graduation was last week and I am so happy to be done and now have a chance to laugh at those who said it wouldn't happen.
My book is out on, Confessions of a Rebel Child. Reviews are starting to come in and people like it but no Sally Field gushy comments. I've been asked about merchandise linked with Confessions and they are forthcoming-keep an eye out.