Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confessions of a Rebel Child

     The book came out in December and has been doing well, I'd classify it as a chik-lit summer read full of crazy characters and situations that either require a small southern town or a soap opera to exist. The setting is before the house of mouse and has the inevitable bad guys- the cracker mafia, there's secrets galore and no taboo was left unturned. There's a sick and twisted "minister", a druggie selling ice cream, and the entitled males thinking they can do anyone because they have the tool to do so and what happens when reality smacks them in the face and grabs them by the ears.
   I wrote this one originally in a more epistolary manner, and then when I started linking them together- well, the original faded away. There are hints throughout about who Sami is seeing, but it isn't until almost the end that we find out it isn't the sexy cop she's known forever, its the 'mystery man'.
  In Ship of Fools, we find out far more of the antics they pulled off, mainly because no one ever said "no", Ship of Fools is in the works, keep an eye out.

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