Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi Mrs. Amlaiky's class

The best way for you to see where Stanley has been, is to invite you to my blog. There's lots of pictures and facts, if you see something underlined in green-it's an advertisement, don't bother with it. They go down to where it says "For Jessie's class", but the other pictures are from Scotland, I was there last summer for school. Besides being Jessie's gramma, I'm also a student at Western Michigan University and in July I will go to the University of Akron to work on my Master's degree. Graduation is just a few days away and I am both excited and sad.
I have homework to do, so Ihope you like the pictures and the book.

more pix for Jess

This is Sasha, gramma's puppy, she's a saint bernard and just a big fuzzy baby.
This is the gang- Phi Sigma Pi at our formal. Once a year we get all dressed up and have a big party.

This is the other side of Miller Auditorium,it's where they have plays and concerts...and where our graduation will be.

This is Waldo Library, at the top of the steps is our mascot, a bronco- its a relief of the bronco head and it is supposed to be bad luck if you step on it.

The PSP seniors, I'm the old one...

more pix for jess

This is the fountains in the commons between Brown Hall, Sprau Tower, and Miller auditorium, Everybody is happy when the fountain is on because that means winter is over!! YAY!!! Students hang out there and study or just sit.
This is the old bridge in Hillman, right now they are tearing it down and building a new one. This one was almost 100 yrs old.

These are the the percheron horses that pull the sleighs at Thunder Bay, lots of fun, but can be very cold.

This is Jessie's pawpaw, he came down to Kalamazoo to help out with rent a puppy. It was an event held by Phi Sigma Pi, a national Honors fraternity that helps out the Humane Society. We had a supply drive-if people brought supplies for the shelter they got a picture of them and their pooch, we raised over 900.00 on a cold, wet, snowy, sunny day. The weather did some of everything that day.

The eagle was in the field by our house, we see them all the time.

This is the Sturgeon point lighthouse, the prints in the snow were cougar tracks....just a bit scary.The area used to rely heavily on trade by water. The lighthouse was built in 1870. There used to be thousands of boats and ships on Lake Huron then. The Coast Guard took over the building in 1941 and it is still operational now.
Ess lake, one of the closer lakes where PawPaw likes to go fishing. there are all kinds of coves and little spots for fish to hide. In all it's about a 3 mile area.

Elk out in the back field, they can weigh a ton. Atlanta,Mi is listed as the elk capital of Michigan. Atlanta is about 2o minutes away from Hillman.

this is from the middle of downtown Hillman, not a lot there.

this elk is at Thunder Bay, they have an elk viewing area and sleigh rides

For Jessie and her class

This is the skating rink, it's called Northern Lights Arena. The Orange jacket on the left is Jessie's uncle Joey.