Thursday, September 30, 2010

Palin's soccer moms pale in comparisson to a Military mom

On Monday night I watched Dancing With The Stars and the former candidate was there to watch her daughter, commedable...while I disagree with 98% of her politics and I think she's a kook, I stand by her right as a mom to be there. The controversy over whether the boos from the audience was for her or the judges scores for fan faves derrick and jennifer 'dirty dancing' grey is a moot point for some and fodder for other pundits. Where I really part with her was her comment about hockey moms being so tough, blah , blah here's a news flash sweet cheeks- your ass couldn't hold a candle to a military mom!
I want to see any politician raise a family on an enlisted paycheck...they would be running with their tails tucked between their legs crying for mercy by the end of the first week. In the "studies" they use the payscale for officers, significantly higher than the grunts who have to be ready to report at a moments notice.
For an E5 with 10 years of service, his base pay is 2907 a month before taxes. This number is from now, deduct taxes because yes the military does pay taxes and social security, and state taxes if their home of record has it. Now deduct a car payment, insurance, and buy groceries for a family of 5- the standard 3 kids, mom and dad. How much do you think is left? Now, phone bill- they have to be able to reach you. Cable because you can't afford to go out..what's left? Now buy uniforms for the service member because contrary to popular belief, they ain't free. And you have to piece it out over a few paychecks. Now let a kid need to see a that isn't a provided medical service, it's an out of pocket expense. Surprised? Eye opener? Now lets look at housing, did you notice that was left out? There is a "housing allowance" it doesn't cover the full cost of rent and utilities.
Food stamps, yeah, if you can wade through the paperwork, usually the military makes 3 or 4 dollars a month too much for benefits. If they have less than 10 yrs, yeah, usually they get them in a heartbeat. Walk into a commissary on a payday and watch as the spouses hit the registers with carts already separated out, its training. The at home parent learns early on, if your kid wants to play sports, the cost is covered by grandparents as a birthday present or just because. Music lessons? yeah, that doesn't happen either.
Now let's look at the average serviceman in Iraq/Afghanistan now- E3 with less than three years in-1923.00 a month, now start deducting. IF they are lucky they live in base housing and it's "the good ones", otherwise its classified as substandard and you get a few dollars added to your check for living in next to unsafe circumstances. Yeah, thats a comfort.
So, Sarah, while your kid plays hockey and has all the privelages, the military kid learns to play on the street in front of the house, turns in soda cans for movie money(rentals only) and wishes they could afford that 200.00 stick. You think you're a bad ass? I dare you to live on an E5 pay for a month- you couldn't do it and neither could any of those candy ass senators that left the soldiers in limbo until Dec. when we find out if they get paid or not. Semper Fi.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

maytag pt2/ and holy ground or just a need to hate.

So the night of the blow out, I had a sore throat, among other things. It turned into a cough, that progressed until I coughed so hard I would vomit- I gave in and found a doctor. It turns out that the stuff that is packed in with the propane usually causes asphixiation and when coupled with bronchitus which was most likely caused by the irritation of the propane, it looks like I will be on antibiotics for the next 6 mos. And still no luck with the insurance company covering it, and maytag insists their design isn't flawed, which is about as accurate as saying a 747 is a duck.

On to my bigger bitch, which is the hoopla over the community center "at ground xero" which is the first bone of contention. It isn't at ground zero...its a couple of blocks away, and it isn't just a masque, its a set of meeting rooms, an auditorium, a day care center, etc. This whole project was approved by the appropriate offices, and then one nut job by the name of Pam Geller got a bur in her britches and decided she ruled the universe and she didn't want the project to go on. I find it amusing that she stole the name of a book by Ann Rand for her blog; "Atlas Shrugged", now she'll say hers is shrugs so it isn't stolen, but it's close enough for government work. She's all riled up about this mosque, but she also has a real thing about black sports figures.
There's a huge section on Chris Jackson aka Abdul-Rauf. and the fact that he left the NBA to go play ball in turkey. Here's a hint....his stats had gone downhill. He's getting older. This Gulfport Mississippi native has many things going for him, but he can't stop the aging process. I wonder why this is any of Queen Geller's business?? Who is she really?? A frustrated wanna be sports manager, or just another nosy bitch who wants her two minutes of fame to run forever? I will bet on the latter. Her blog picture is a highly sexed up version of superman, complete with the red s, and her face plugged into should have been her rear end. she has this one section in her bio, where she refers to herself as Atlas. Rememeber your high school mythology? Atlas was a male, is she loaded with penis envy or just another tranny? She also tried to convince the world that she immersed herself in geo politics after 9/11 to gain better understanding. Really?? of what? Cause she obviously has no idea what true Islam is about, or any other religion. Her political affiliation is listed as "conservative" which when coupled with Christine O'Donnell, is another reason to take a long hard look at the independants or the Democrats.