Saturday, October 2, 2010

Were they taught that at home??

All over the news this week was the tragic passing of Tyler Clementi. It shouldn't have happened, he should be playing in the concert tonight, more importantly, he should have been safe at the university. I haven't been on the campus in 10 years or a little more- are there posters up with suicide hotline numbers? Were the incoming students made aware of the laws involving use of the internet and streaming of anything involving a persons life?
The big one though- were those 2 students taught that it was ok to do that to a person of a different sexual persuassion at home; by their parents??Both students are from minorities, they should know how hard it is to be different. I feel for the parents of Tyler, and knee jerk reaction was for the other two parents also...after thinking about it....I hope both of those students get the max allowed in that state...then I hope the parents are also held responsible for the actions of those two peons. Does that seem harsh?? How harsh is it to tell a mom her son is dead because he could no longer handle the persecution, to tell a younger sibling that his brother took his own life? Harsh?? Then step up to the plate and teach your kid to be accepting of people that are different from you.
There is help out there, it started as an HBO documentary, then the director and producer thought about's too bad that Tyler didn't have these connections, maybe it would have saved his life.