Saturday, August 15, 2009

rainy day in Edinburgh

The rain started yesterday morning and hasn't let up, no thunder or lightning so it's cool. The program here is amazing and I have had a blast. Some of the names for things here will throw ya when I went looking for band-aids to patch up the blisters....over here they are called plasters, crackers are digestives, pants refers to what is under your jeans and jeans are trousers. I have watched at tea time as baked potatoes came out with pork n beans on them (ick) and refused to go near the chow hall today simply because I couldn't stomach the smell of herring again in the morning. I thought I made lousy coffee until I drank the stuff here....pretty sure even the military wouldn't touch it. Right now I'm outside our cafe/bar that is on campus....they even sell bottles of whiskey with the university logo on them...not something you would see in the states. This trip has been the pits on cameras- I think out of our group 5 people have had cameras get wet or just quit working...that sux over here. some of the highschoolers will be leaving on sunday...thank heavens. some of them forgot all about the fact that at some point in time manners are needed. The people here walk everywhere...which is a killer with the cobblestones. I watched women in heels cringing at how far the heel was bending-just waiting to see one of them fall and bust their heads along with other things. its been different, its been fantastic and I am now in my last week which I'm both happy and sad about. so time to put up more pix.

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