Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the latest

ok, now that I can sit for a moment...it's been the jolly rush since I landed. The time difference is one thing..the food is another. I had a really bad migraine yesterday and the smell of herring just about did me in. I muddled through the day and made it...but it was close, so last night I blew off the program for last night and just wrote-the first true work since I got here. I have gotten some really great feed back from my tutor/mentor, and ran into a girl from MSU- small world.
This place is like a melting pot, there's people from all over the globe, sometimes the language thing becomes an issue in the critiques but it all works.
The castle in yesterdays pix is Tantalon, which I just misspelled, but anyway...it is beyond cool. We took a train out and back, had true fish and chips at the place with the fish on the window...there was a parade of the pipers through town...the last group played my favorite- amazing grace, so of course we had to cheer em on.
The day starts out with breakfast in a very crowded diner- with all the kids its crazy, then in the lecture hall by 930 and out at 1030, time for tea....then to our groups, a break for lunch at 130ish. depending on the day we have master classes or other speakers...so much info its crazy.
The weather hasn't been bad- today is the first chilly day.
I'm still trying to finish my classes at WMU soooooo. new pix will be added then its back to work. more later-

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  1. Keep it up! Obviously, your hard work is getting you places!