Saturday, August 8, 2009

the castle

ok, so we get there and there's a hike to get in but the feeling in the air is almost magical. The place exudes the sweat and tears of its long and varied places in history. I had goose bumps- part of the reason I wanted to do THIS program is that back in the day- like 6-7 generations, my grandmother was a Campbell, Edinburgh castle is the stronghold of the Campbell clan. it was so cool to be wandering through a place that at some point in time, she may have walked on also. I was able to look it up after I got here too to verify what we had found before which was even better. In the morning I'm off to see Loch Ness, my plan for today was to veg out, do homework,etc......but the highland games are going on and three of us are off to see the sights there.
The people in the program are really nice, there's only one that everytime she opens her mouth I want to hurt her- she has the most condesending voice. There's a batch here from Fla., one of the women brought her husband and 1 yr old son- he's our unofficial mascot and he is just too cute, last night at the caldihl he had on a tiny kilt- he's always all smiles...makes me miss my girls. we were "invaded" by 2000 American highschoolers who are here for the Fringe- part of the theater events...they kept trying to sneak in to get the free beer and dance...I'm kinda mad- I broke my toe on monday...yeah I know. I did it coming off a bus. but there's more coming so hold on and check out the pics. :)

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