Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm There!!!

ok the strange looking little flower is true scottish heather, the big lump of earth is the rim of the volcano that sits directly behind us- they use it as a green area here in the city-walking trails etc

This rather cool looking building is one of the first I saw after I got here-wish we had buildings that looked like this-lol I woke Ed uo at the butt crack of dawn-literaly. Money wise I'm not doing bad...I left Alpena with 200.00 as ready on hand cash I still have about 25.00 US dollars of that and about 40pounds the cost to convert at the airport wasn't real bad, but 150.00 got me 80 pounds and some change. 18 hours in flight and I'm still brain dead. so more later.


  1. I Miss you terribly already........Its not right......ugh. So to update you, I have one final last ditch effort to look into before I have to break down and take out another loan to get back in the fall....

  2. I'm glad your having fun. Wish I was there. The buildings are gorgeous.