Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maytag lies thru their dollar signs.

A couple years ago our 20 yr old gas stove lost one burner then another, so we decided it was time to replace it. This led to a trip to Home Depot and we picked out a maytag. Now the first clue should have been when the store creeper said it would be ordered that day and in on a certain date..turns out the jerk didn't order it until then and it would be ten more days before it got there. This ended with me snarling at Home Depot headquarters and we were finally told to go get the store model and yeah they would knock 60.00 off the price, they also sent a 25.00 gift card- whoop de do. Well from the begining we have had nothing but problems, the gas burners make this loud popping noise like a mini explosion. Ed said it was ok, Joe and I thought otherwise.
Last night in making dinner I had oil in the pan, turned the burner on and turned toward the fridge and boom! out shot a fireball, it went up my shirt toward my face, I grabbed a towel and put it out, raced to the door and screamed for my husband-then at Joe to get his dad. I was shaking like a leaf, and of course Ed doubted what I he had to try it, guess what- Kaboom- this time it lifted the whole blasted stove off the floor, sent out another fireball and smoke rolled out like wet leaves had been lit.
It took me all of 3 seconds to decide we needed the fire dept. I know I was burned, but it was only like a sunburn, a little sting, nothing major..a sore throat from the fumes, inside my nose is tender...I had Joe grab my computer and the book I've been working on and move the dogs out.
I replayed that blast maybe a hundred times last night. We were very lucky. We could have lost everything, the dogs, our lives. What if Joe had been here alone when that happened?
This morning I went online and discovered that Maytag has a history of problems with their stoves, among other appliances. They have glass windows that blow out, burners that light without being turned on, etc and about three dozen complaints of gas lines exploding. Its a closed unit..because the lines are attached to the top. Most gas ranges have gas feed lines that are attached to the main body of the unit-which can not be lifted, unlike the top. so some nitwit thought this was a prime idea. We found it out when the fire dept was here...imagine that.
Just so you know- if you get hit by a fireball, it feels like you were sucker punched by a semi truck, now add the muscles tightening and jumping, etc and you have one sore woman. Why my shirt didn't go up in flames is unknown. My hair is long and was in my way so I tied it up out of my way.... if not, it could have caught on fire also. Have you ever seen someone who has been in a fire?? I worked the burn unit and it isnt pretty.
I want to toss this thing and get a new one, preferably electric, of course the husband has other ideas..I don't think I'm going to give on this one.

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