Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Days

One day, set aside to remind people to remember those who died in the service of their country..why? Why do they need to be reminded? If they have lost someone in time of war- they do not need a day to remember- its everyday. It's finally mastering something and reaching for the phone to tell them---and they are gone. For a minute you forget, then it all comes back. Maybe its not the knock you to your knees drag your guts across the floor, but its there.
I remember when we got Doug's body back, the streets around Arlington were littered with protestors... they screamed and yelled baby killers at my brothers, ironic because it was a kid who lobbed a homemade bomb and blew my brother to bits. I became very political in that moment. Now I can say in all honesty that I believe we need to pack up our people and bring them home. This IS the modern day Viet more sons, brothers, uncles, aunts, daughters, moms,dads,or sisters dying for a cause that has become so convoluted it isn't even funny..enough have died.

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